Monday, 21 February 2011

The Promise

I put this post on a forum but would be interested to see what other people think

Anyone watching this?

Im so confused I cant decide who is good and who is bad. Im finding it hard as I grew up reading Maisie Moscow ' Next year Jerusalem' and also Leon Uris 'Exodus' and now Im so not sure who was in the right. I believed that the Jewish people deserved Israel but never actually thought about the Palestinian people that already lived there.

Certainly the British got in the middle of something that was nothing to do with them as per usual but I also can see why they did. I know I tend to try to be the peace keeper but watching program like this makes me realise that its a no win situation. People interpret things in different ways.

Im loving this program but just dont know where I want it to go which is so rare in TV now.

What do you all think???

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