Sunday, 13 February 2011

Deep sleeps the winter

Cold wet and grey
Surely all the world is dead
Spring is far away
But wait the world shall waken
it isn not dead for lo
The fair maids of february standing in the snow!!!!

My favourite poem. I love snowdrops and when my niece was born in february both Mum and I hoped she would be our snowdrop fairy. As it is she like daffodils lol
Cant complain too much as any sign of spring makes me so happy.
Mum and Dad took me to Dunham Massey a national trust place near us to see the winter garden. Walking round was exhausting and more than Ive done for ages but seeing glimpses of colour and new life makes life worthwhile
I realised I love seeing plants grow even if Im not a gardener and dont enjoy gardening. In my own little plot of garden I found from my herbs that chives, parsley, purple sage and thyme (i think) have survived the winter but somehow I killed the un-killable mint!!!

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