Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dream world

I always had odd realistic dreams but since getting ME/CFS I cant always tell whats real and whats a dream.
As a kid I had this dream on various occasions where I was walking through a wood land and the path got more and more narrow. There where huge drops off either side and in my dream I never reached the other side. As a teenager I went to scotland and followed a path that was so familiar it scared me. I reached the other side and never had the dream again.

In a way that scares me as one of my recurrent dreams involves an obstacle course I know I cant phsyically fit through and Im dreading it coming true.

If you think Ive made it up I used to dream of people visiting who did, Id answer the phone with my Grans phone number when she called and my Grandad always said I was Fae.... Then again being called Tabitha I wanted to be a witch and have special powers so what was real???

my first dream was that I was on a different planet with a toxic atmosphere and in a land vehicle dropping people off home. For some reason the shields were failing and as there was a solar flare due we didnt know if we would get into safety. The driver refused to shelter at a safe place so we carried on. A huge rock came through the window and loads of shields came down over the windows and the 'pod' went into shut down. So we were somewhere on a planet waiting for something that we didnt know when it would happen or if we would survive it! I woke trying to explain to the driver just why I thought he was an idiot

My second one I was running a race (never been a runner) it was a kind of treasure hunt as well so the route wasnt known. I was in the lead and finally got into the right pub at the finishing line. Oddly enough the pub was called the Gallows which was the name of a pub I used to go in when younger, but the lay out was completely different. After trying to explain that yes I had won, even though I was disabled and no I hadnt cheated I realised there was no where at all to sit down and my energy was rapidly disappearing. I collapsed on the floor and couldnt move. Thats when I woke feeling as though Id well run a marathon

No wonder I wake feeling so exhausted when my brain and body goes through so much at night

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Kitty said...

I have really vivid dreams too, they are exhausting but I do love dreams!!! The weirder the better for me! Lol!