Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Its been an interesting day

Or maybe its just been normal and I havent had a normal day of ups and downs for a long time.

Not long after I had got up the phone went. I answered the phone and was amazed when the reply was ' oh I didnt want you' Luckily I recognised that as my Mum so wasnt quite as offended as I could have been, instead I started laughing and told her I was really hurt and rejection before breakfast did nothing for my self esteem!!!!
Obviously only joking as if Im honest I was amused at how confused Mum sounded. It turned out she'd dialled my area code then automatically continued with my number even though she wanted someone else. When she explained want she actually wanted was someone to give a talk or arrnage an activity for the embroiderers guild tomorrow I definately said nope wrong number!!!!

I then went to weight watchers. Ive been a helper there for years even though I havent lost weight. Each week I go I find myself having more and more 'jobs' to do. My leader says its because Im competent but thats not helpful when I come home and collapse for the rest of the day and most of the next day because I feel so ill and sore.
Anyway I got there today to find that setting up was me and her. She had a moan about another helper who had said she had to work and said she should step down so someone else could help. She then told me the other helper was on holiday. I was rather annoyed to find that my leader knew 2 people were off but hadnt got any extra help in so told her how ill I'd been. Normally I try not to say much about my condition but I was upset and angry and completely shocked her. She had no idea how I was affected and spent the rest of the time changing between asking me to do things and telling me to rest!! When she said go home I did happily and have spent most of the afternoon lying on the settee hoping the pain will ease.

People dont understand that physical activity can affect me so much. I live in a flat so asking me to carry boxes up and down stairs in 5 journeys isnt going to help. After about 3 trips I go dizzy and Im in a lot of pain. Then asking me to open doors for people, find peoples details, file details, write notes and then add up stock levels is taxing my brain to over drive. Some weeks I cant even write in a legible manner.

On the good side I lost 2lb.... 1lb that I put on last week and 1lb for this week. I dont mind losing weight very slowly because I cant really exercise and quite honestly find sticking to any diet hard. If I have a really bad day I get the shakes and need sugar which isnt good. As far as Im concerned ANY loss is good

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