Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wow its been so long!!!

So loads have things have happened since april and most of them have been good!!!!

I qualified as an expert patient volunteer tutor and passed my first assesment so one more and Im 'accredited'. Ive done my first course and seen how I (yes I) can make a difference to peoples lives. Im not curing them or anything but by showing people how others have the same problems and how they can all try to over come and cope with problems has been amazing.

I went back to the cattery on friday to help out and was totally amazed at how different I felt. I had confidence in myself and just thought hey if I do it wrong it can be sorted out rather than worrying about what people think of me. In a way thats been the main thing. I never thought I could stand up in front of a group of people without thinking they were judging me and thinking OMG shes fat!!! lol Instead I found I could and didnt even think about what they were seeing because the main issue is that as a person with long term illness Im trying to help others and if Im fat and ugly well those are your thoughts lol

The course has finished now so Im hoping to concentrate on some card making again. I havent made anything for ages apart from one card which was for my Mum as she had a minor op (shown above)

Ive neglected so many things to concentrate on the EPP but Im so pleased with myself and feel confident about the future for the first time in ages. All I need now is a cure for ME and a job with EPP and I'll be happy

hopefully other posts to follow within a day or so rather than the odd month lol