Saturday, 12 July 2008

My cats

I have 2 cats Mogs is about 16 and has been with me since 1997. She was a rescue cat that I adopted against the rescue's advice as they saide she was old, ill, would cost me a fortune in vet bills, wouldnt live long, didnt like people, didnt like being outside and didnt like other animals. Even after the hard sell, or maybe because of it, I took her home and shes been here ever since.
Amber is the tortie cat and she lives up to the nortie tortie description as much as she can. She walked in just before bonfire night 1999 and never left. Shes a complete cuddle kitten and loves to play which is the opposite of Mogs so they get on quite well.

Welcome to my blog. I couldnt decide if I should blog my illness, crafting or just life in general so its all 3 as none are the whole of my life but all are part of my life.
So starting with the illness part have ME and have been ill since 1999. I am slowly improving but sometimes its hard to see the improvement unless I sit down and think about being ill and I dont do that much as its not much fun.
Secondly crafting. I make cards, have done a scrapbook and would like to do another sometime, I do counted thread embroidery, I do beading, Ive made a patchwork bag, Im sure you can see where Im going with this. Basically I tend to enjoy most crafts and love to learn new things.
Last but obviously not least life in general. Well that involves the usual things like living with 2 cats, trying to lose weight, having no money, etc etc
So my blog.......... well lets just say

Welcome to the ramblings!!!