Sunday, 26 February 2012

Totally and probably overly sentimental


Its my Dads birthday this week and Ive made a card for him im not sure about. My Dad is my biggest fan and I know it but he's so picky as well it makes me unsure of making cards for him. I show him cards Ive made and hes says yeah its good but youve done better, so when it comes to cards for him I feel the same. In a way its easier to make cards for my Mum as thats more my comfort zone where Dad is a challenge.

When I was a teen and really bothered about my appearance Dad always was there. He wasnt always helpful so after spending hours doing my hair so my burn and operation scars didnt show him telling me as I walked out the door my scar showed wasnt always great but it was always because he knew if he didnt tell me and someone else did I would be so upset.

Im a real Daddys girl and always have been and I know that both my parents love me so thats not a problem. In fact even though I havent lived up to their expectations in a way I still know they love me. I didnt go to university and follow that route but always being a worker I hope they were proud of me. Since getting ill they've been the best parents anyone could ever ask for! They've been their to support me and look after me even in times where Ive felt I let them down. Yes I do wish things were different and I could look after them not the other way round but since getting ill Ive got to know my parents so well that if they werent my parents I would want them as friends!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Debs Challenge

This card is for Debs challenge on

I love the design papers available so it was hard to choose which to use

New challenge cards

These cards are for challenges on the craft cupboard show and tell group