Friday, 26 September 2008

Massive Achievment

Now this probably wont sound like much to most but today I drove myself to Dunham Massey and back (about 50 miles) and walked around whilst there. Like I say nothing exciting you might think but and here is the biggie


I know that sounds really pathetic but since getting ME I havent had the concentration to drive or the energy to walk so whenever I go anywhere I have to be taken so I can get home again. Today I did it myself!!

Im so pleased I managed although I now hurt and feel really rough but the fact I did it is such a boost I think a little crash might be worth it.

Heres my photos of the day (hopefully)

Saturday, 13 September 2008


Wow Im in awe!! My friend Fran has just won a bronze medal at the paralympics!!!!
Im so pleased for her and cant wait to see how how she does in her next race.
Im just loving the paralympics its so inspiring. These wonderful people who've battled against disability for these achievements is absolutely amazing.
Im not impressed with the judges though who keep taking medals from people after they've been given. Shelly Woods was so wrong but seeing Dave Weir today is heartbreaking. Ive been cheering him on (silently so as not to disturb the neighbours) after watching him try so hard and even though he beat his personal best just not quite be there. To see he got gold today and now someone is complaining about the lane they were in is beyond belief. I feel so sorry for him having to race again when he has other races to do anyway. That combined with the fact he had glandular fever before the games and hasnt recovered yet is just so unfair.
I think that has hit home because Im disabled after getting ME after never recovering from glandular fever and I dont think I could walk around the track never mind race!
Huge congratulations to all the paralympic athletes and their teams

Edited to add

Another huge well done to Fran who got a silver in her second race. Way to go hun!!!
The update on David Weir is that his gold was allowed and he went on to win another gold which is brilliant.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Midweek meanderings

Today Ive been to my weight loss class and found I stayed the same. Im quite happy about that really as I know I strayed this week. It means though Ive now lost 16lb in thats less than 1lb a month. BUT and heres the big thing I put on the weight over 8 years of being ill. So 8yrs of ready meals and no exercise meant a weight gain of 6 stone. Losing 1 of them over 1yr still means its going off quicker than it went on doesnt it? Plus of course as my health improves my ability to cook for myself has improved, I can get out and about more and I gave up smoking so all in all even being over weight Ive got to be 'healthier' lol.
The main problem of course of being able to afford to eat 'healthy' I try very hard with my cooking to make sure Im getting my five a day and all that 'bad' food does tend to be cheaper.
So while shopping today I treated myself to a lottery ticket for friday. I know its a waste of money but the chance to dream is wonderful. I cant even imagine the 92 million or what ever it is at the moment but if I won silly money I would be able to help friends who are ill and struggling financially like I am. If Im honest I would be thrilled if I won anything. A fantastic amount would be £1000. Then I could not have to worry about getting my car serviced, mot'd etc. I could get a digital recorder for when we lose the TV signal, I could buy clothes from a real shop not a charity shop and of course I could treat myself to some crafty stuff.
In the real world though although Im short of money and having to budget and account for everything. In fact I spent most of yesterday afternoon writing budgets so I know how much money I have this month. But I can cope with being 'poor' because at least Im not in debt. I dont actually owe anyone anything. Of course if something happened like my car going kaput Id have a problem, but problems means parents dont they?