Sunday, 21 October 2012

My dreams

sadly I dont mean what I dream and want to achieve I mean the wierd and wonderful dreams my brain comes up with in the night.
I said this blog was about ME (my journey with ME) Myself (my cat and cards) and I (my general ramblings on life)
Ive decided since then my dreams are part of  'I'

I have really memorable and visual dreams to the point where some days Im not sure if I dreamt it or lived it.

The other day I dreamt all my finger ti[s had gone and turned black, I had a line around my wrist that was black and my fingers were nailed together. Not only that I was pulling pins out of my hand. I woke to find my hand clawed and in pain so I guess thats the connection.

Other dreams though are fun. I dream of things that I saw on tv. They're not real but I feel part of that world and get annoyed with myself when I wake up.
I dream of things that happened during the day and in my dream they have a different ending which although it didnt happy makes me laugh

I dream of anxiety where the whole world is against me and although I know I behaved badly I really didnt deserve the backlash and end up kicking out at the world and waking myself up and spending the rest of the night trying to explain my actions.... too many 'ands' in there I guess

I dream of places I know so well and yet I dont know at all, people I know and care about and yet dont know situations I have no idea if they happened, if I dreamt them or if they will happen.

And yes I have dreamt about things that years later did happen and I never had the dream again...

Or did I dream it all????

This isnt a post about ME, cat, life or stuff just a general ramble which is how my mind feels today.

Tomorrow I may actually do something good like make a card hehehe

Just looked and it says its 11.56 where as my world says 7.57?