Monday, 7 February 2011

Lovely Day

Although as usual not quite as planned.

This morning I woke late but went to meet Mum and Dad at the pool. Part way there I wondered if I should be driving or if people were just being silly. Then the car in front indicated way too late for the turning and ended up parked across the side road so maybe it wasnt me.
I had a lovely soak in the jacuzzi and then came home planning on making cards. I so need to make a card for my nieces birthday.
Anyway I had a message on my answer phone from the friend I was due to visit tomorrow asking if I wanted to go this afternoon. I had a lovely time chatting to her and watching her beautiful grandaughter playing. Its kind of difficult as I love kids especially when they are old enough to interact with you but Im also aware that although I may have seen them a few times since birth they're not going to remember. As much as I would love a cuddle it would freak them out so I have to behave. As it was I got some giggles and laughs which makes my day.

Having a brew and a chat also was great. We chatted about the expert patient program as my friend is already a volunteer and Im due to train next month so she calmed my worries and fears.

So tomorrows plans involve card making I guess

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