Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lifes all about fun

You know as Im disabled Im supposed to not be doing anything with my time instead life finds me things to do.
Yesterday I realised I hadnt had a renewal notice for my car insurance which is due on friday. Turns out the company no longer want to insure me because of my postcode. I spent most of the day getting quotes that range from £2500 down to £500! Talk about silly prices for a single 40+ female driver with full no claims.
Whilst I was sorting that out my cat Amber started with cystitis so we had to visit the vet. She gets it a lot mainly when Im stressed but I didnt think I was too bad until after she started.
In the afternoon I got an email from my parents which I knew they hadnt sent so todays job is to try to get back their hacked account. They are coming to me to sort it out after last nights confusing phone call of 'well what page are you looking at's.
So much for having time to make cards and have fun lol

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wow that day went quick!

I cant beleive it! Its nearly bed time and I havent actually DONE anything today. Well I have done 2 loads of washing and I have watched the grand prix and I have been to visit Pat as she hasnt seen anyone since friday and I have taken my recycling down to the bins and I have (the main part of the day) fought with my computer. Talk about trying to annoy me! Yesterday it crashed and had to go through repair. After that it refused to load Google Chrome so I had to use IE. Sadly one forum I visit wouldnt let me read the posts only the titles with IE and all the posts suggested Chrome which wasnt working for me. So I uninstalled Chrome and re- installed it hoping it would 'fix' itself. Of course it didnt so I un-installed it again and installed Firefox. So now I can read the forum and I can do everything I wanted to do after re entering all my passwords *sigh* BUT Im having loads of trouble remembering which browser im using. 3 browsers in 2 days is way too much for my poor little brain and I cant find my favourites which have now become my bookmarks and have changed sides. They've also kindly re-arranged themselves into alphabetical order which is good unless you know that B is at the bottom of the list and now its not!
I think its time to turn the puter off and watch some daft TV with a glass of wine.
Night all

Saturday, 25 September 2010

I made a card!!! lol

Well actually I made 4 but 3 are for the comp so I can only show this one

Little treats

Instead of resting yesterday as I was supposed to I decided to take my friend Pat to a craft shop in Ramsbottom. Its called Clark Craft and has a wide range of stock. Pat wanted wool and I wanted to browse and maybe buy a little crafty something to inspire me. Anyway I came out with 3 stamps for £3.50 and a few water colour pencils which is my idea of shopping.
Today Im going to have a play *grins*
I will show what I make but I do need some for the card forum competition so they will have to stay hidden for a while.
So time to crank the music and have fun!!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

So sleepy

Im feeling really tired today. I just didnt sleep well last night and I cant get going at all.

Yesterday was really busy though. I attended an Expert Patient Program for people with long term illnesses. It was quite fascinating how a group of 19 people with different conditions all have similar problems on a day to day basis. It was exhausting though as it was 2 1/2 hrs long and with that many people there was too much noise for me. I kept losing concentration and by the time I got home I could hardly string a sentence together. Thankfully living alone it was only a phone call with my parents that I needed to speak on and they understand the 'errr' 'whaa' 'thingys' in my speech patterns where I lose the words. Apart from that I just talked to Amber cat who doesnt really care what Im saying so long as Im looking at her and cuddling her hehehe.

I think today may be a catch up on rest day. I may even tidy my craft stuff so I could actually make a card if I wanted!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Being useful

I help out at Weight Watchers on a wednesday and basically its a case of being down stairs so I can direct people to the class. As the class is up stairs I do occasionally get to look after prams and babies rather than bouncing them up the stairs.
Yesterday it was chaotic. There's a nursery downstairs and its the new term so there were kids crying for about an hour, others screaming and laughing, noise noise and more noise. I hadnt realised how noise sensitive I had got until I had a rotten headache by the time of coming home.
It was fun though as a new member had her grandchild with her and I offered to watch baby while she went upstairs. She told me the little girl would cry so I promised that if she got upset I would get one of the nursery staff to keep an eye on her while I went and got grandma. Anyway after playing with 'dolly' for a little while the child became so interested in all the nursery kids I turned the pram round so she could watch. Grandma came back to a happy child who started howling as she was being pushed away. Its so much fun being useful sometimes lol.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Two sides to a story

I realised around 3am this morning whilst doing the lying awake and wanting to be asleep thing that I hadnt posted on here so I mentally started reviewing the day. It went like this....

Had to get up early to go to the docs so felt really tired. Just walking out the door had an ibs attack so had to rush to docs worried I was late for the appointment. Saw docs and of course cried as I usually do when I see the doc. On the way out the nurse caught me and made me go into her room for some tissues even though another patient was on her way in which was really embarrassing.
I went to the cattery in the afternoon and had to help carry cats which isnt part of the deal but when when someone on crutches is collecting 6 cats its all hands needed. So I had back ache and my arms really hurt after.
Came home to find my tea hadnt defrosted so had to have tomorrows tea which as it was ww pizza for after wi means I wont have lost weight when I go today. Spoke to Pat who was a bit off hand because I said I was too tired to go down for coffee. Went to bed and then couldnt sleep.

On the other hand my day was also like this.....

The doc wasnt ignoring the request for information for the CAB he hadnt got the letter and will support me and write a report for me.
I got my supermarket shop done even though I was tired.
At the cattery I got loads of furry purry attention, chatted to people I wouldnt normally see and was kind of 'normal' not a 'sickie'
I stood up for myself in not going to see Pat and I will see her this afternoon for a good chat whilst Im feeling awake.
So what if I put weight on it was a ww pizza not a huge high fat one.

So my interpretation of the day at 3am compared with this mornings is completely different.
I so need to concentrate on the good!!!!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Wow doesnt time fly??

So I didnt keep up with this after all *sigh* Then again I havent been making many cards recently. I just havent had the energy or inspiration BUT I need to give myself a big kick and get back into things.
So the plan is.......

I REALLY need to lose weight but cant be bothered to follow a strict diet as all it does it make me want to 'cheat'

I REALLY need to look after myself and start on the relaxation/exercise/self help stuff I talk about and dont do

I REALLY need to have fun. Thats getting back into card making for the fun of it not because theres a challenge or birthdays but just because.

So my blog is changing........

Its not just going to be about cards its going to be about my life!! Good bad or indifferent I mean to waffle on about things. If thats not what you want to read please feel free to ignore me hehehe

As a quick catch up on my life

Im struggling a bit ME wise at the moment. I have an appeal for DLA coming up in october and found out over the weekend my doctor hasnt responded to the letters and without his report theres no point in appealing. So I need to see the doc about that. Ive also been fairly done recently so the doc put me on anti depressants. Fine until a different doc upped the dose last week and now I really dont know 'how' I feel. I cant be bothered about anything and nothing worries me which in a way is liberating but in another way is scary so I think I might need to go back down a dose.
My friend Pete died in July so Im trying to be there for his wife Pat. Its hard because I dont know what to say or do and I dont want her to become dependant on me but I also dont want her to feel alone and that no one cares. Pat has recently got a cat though and Dakota is helping Pat feel less alone.
My cat Amber is doing well. Shes always been my baby cat but working it out shes been here since 1999 and was about 1 when she walked in so shes not a baby shes an oap!! She still loves to play and be cuddled though. Since Mogs died Amber has changed so much its been wonderful to watch. Some things are sad like Amber hasnt a clue about what food she can eat without Mogs to show her but others are happy like Amber being much more sociable with me.

Anyway I think Ive waffled enough for today so I shall get ready to go out now. Im going to the pool and sitting in the jacuzzi for a while and then will let Dad buy me lunch lol