Thursday, 3 February 2011


Im on a forum called which is for people with ME but looking at the lighter sillier side instead of the doom and gloom that some forums focus on.

A post was put the other day about 'highly sensitive people' now if you asked me I would have said I wasnt highly sensitive but I now realise I would actually have meant I wasnt 'paranoid' or 'touchy'

Being highly sensitive is something that so many people seem to be.

Although I have a high pain threshold in some ways because past history meant I couldnt react to pain other things are so amazingly true with so many ME people

I cant cope with things around my throat and even cleaning my teeth makes me gag

I cant cope with wool or 'itchy' things against my skin

I cant stand up and close my eyes without falling over

I cant walk in a straight line sober or drunk

I cant cope with loud noises

I cant sleep if theres any noise at all

I sniff food to see if its fresh because if it smells 'funny' I cant eat it

I find it so amazing that my friends with ME have similar problems

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Kitty said...

Hi Tab! How are you? I am sensitive to noise and touch too. Noise is not too bad unless my brain has been over-used and then people talking does my head in! But it's mainly constant, dull noises that make me feel like someone's digging their nails into my brain! But touch is bad most days, definitely makes things difficult!x