Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wow that day went quick!

I cant beleive it! Its nearly bed time and I havent actually DONE anything today. Well I have done 2 loads of washing and I have watched the grand prix and I have been to visit Pat as she hasnt seen anyone since friday and I have taken my recycling down to the bins and I have (the main part of the day) fought with my computer. Talk about trying to annoy me! Yesterday it crashed and had to go through repair. After that it refused to load Google Chrome so I had to use IE. Sadly one forum I visit wouldnt let me read the posts only the titles with IE and all the posts suggested Chrome which wasnt working for me. So I uninstalled Chrome and re- installed it hoping it would 'fix' itself. Of course it didnt so I un-installed it again and installed Firefox. So now I can read the forum and I can do everything I wanted to do after re entering all my passwords *sigh* BUT Im having loads of trouble remembering which browser im using. 3 browsers in 2 days is way too much for my poor little brain and I cant find my favourites which have now become my bookmarks and have changed sides. They've also kindly re-arranged themselves into alphabetical order which is good unless you know that B is at the bottom of the list and now its not!
I think its time to turn the puter off and watch some daft TV with a glass of wine.
Night all

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