Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Two sides to a story

I realised around 3am this morning whilst doing the lying awake and wanting to be asleep thing that I hadnt posted on here so I mentally started reviewing the day. It went like this....

Had to get up early to go to the docs so felt really tired. Just walking out the door had an ibs attack so had to rush to docs worried I was late for the appointment. Saw docs and of course cried as I usually do when I see the doc. On the way out the nurse caught me and made me go into her room for some tissues even though another patient was on her way in which was really embarrassing.
I went to the cattery in the afternoon and had to help carry cats which isnt part of the deal but when when someone on crutches is collecting 6 cats its all hands needed. So I had back ache and my arms really hurt after.
Came home to find my tea hadnt defrosted so had to have tomorrows tea which as it was ww pizza for after wi means I wont have lost weight when I go today. Spoke to Pat who was a bit off hand because I said I was too tired to go down for coffee. Went to bed and then couldnt sleep.

On the other hand my day was also like this.....

The doc wasnt ignoring the request for information for the CAB he hadnt got the letter and will support me and write a report for me.
I got my supermarket shop done even though I was tired.
At the cattery I got loads of furry purry attention, chatted to people I wouldnt normally see and was kind of 'normal' not a 'sickie'
I stood up for myself in not going to see Pat and I will see her this afternoon for a good chat whilst Im feeling awake.
So what if I put weight on it was a ww pizza not a huge high fat one.

So my interpretation of the day at 3am compared with this mornings is completely different.
I so need to concentrate on the good!!!!

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