Friday, 24 September 2010

So sleepy

Im feeling really tired today. I just didnt sleep well last night and I cant get going at all.

Yesterday was really busy though. I attended an Expert Patient Program for people with long term illnesses. It was quite fascinating how a group of 19 people with different conditions all have similar problems on a day to day basis. It was exhausting though as it was 2 1/2 hrs long and with that many people there was too much noise for me. I kept losing concentration and by the time I got home I could hardly string a sentence together. Thankfully living alone it was only a phone call with my parents that I needed to speak on and they understand the 'errr' 'whaa' 'thingys' in my speech patterns where I lose the words. Apart from that I just talked to Amber cat who doesnt really care what Im saying so long as Im looking at her and cuddling her hehehe.

I think today may be a catch up on rest day. I may even tidy my craft stuff so I could actually make a card if I wanted!

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