Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lifes all about fun

You know as Im disabled Im supposed to not be doing anything with my time instead life finds me things to do.
Yesterday I realised I hadnt had a renewal notice for my car insurance which is due on friday. Turns out the company no longer want to insure me because of my postcode. I spent most of the day getting quotes that range from £2500 down to £500! Talk about silly prices for a single 40+ female driver with full no claims.
Whilst I was sorting that out my cat Amber started with cystitis so we had to visit the vet. She gets it a lot mainly when Im stressed but I didnt think I was too bad until after she started.
In the afternoon I got an email from my parents which I knew they hadnt sent so todays job is to try to get back their hacked account. They are coming to me to sort it out after last nights confusing phone call of 'well what page are you looking at's.
So much for having time to make cards and have fun lol

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