Saturday, 22 January 2011

What can I say

Yet again theres been such a huge gap you'd have thought I fell off the planet. However unlike Rincewind I didnt fall over the edge I just erm well lost interest.... If youre confused dont worry so am I but Im enjoying Terry Pratchet which is always good for the obscure.

So where have I been?? Well if Im honest I have no idea. Last year was really hard for me and I fell into such a huge depression I wondered if I would ever come out of it. As things stand I think I have come back to normal earth. Things arent great but I have my sense of humour back and Im enjoying playing with cards. Both things make me feel good.

So new year new start. I mean over the last couple of years Ive lost 3 very good friends through death and 1 through finding out they reported me for benefit fraud. Obviously they dont know me as well as they thought because if I could work, earn my OWN money and not be a 'burden' on society believe me I would and Im always working towards that goal.

Anyway this year I plan to have fun, enjoy the ridiculous and find the 'me' I like instead of the whinging moaning person Ive been

OK Im still ill. I still have ME/CFS but you know in a way it makes me laugh and makes me realise just how lucky I am in life.

For example my parents are fantastic. They take me out, they make me laugh even if they didnt mean to and they make me realise I am a worthwhile person when Im feeling down

On the ME side the other day whilst at the 'rents the mantle clock dinged 5pm. Dad said Im sure that clock is fast what time is it. I looked at my watch and said 11.15...... after a few seconds silence I said errmmmm my watch is on upside down lol

So time to enjoy life and whatever lemons life throws at me as they say I will make lemonade.... actually I hate real lemonade but you get the idea!!!


Kitty said...

Oooh that little kitty on your page is SO CUTE! I have been stroking it for about 2 minutes now haha! Hope your ME/CFS isn't too bad today :-)

Tab said...

Hi Kitty
Thanks for your comment. Yes I love my little cat it keeps me amused lol
Im rather sore and achy at the moment but ok thanks. Off to read your blog now