Friday, 28 January 2011

Cuddly cat?

My cat Amber is in my mind the soppiest daftest silliest cat Ive ever known. I have been know to great her with 'Hello Gormless' when I really meant gorgeous and she still purrs. She has daily medication that she pulls the pill pusher off the table so I can give her a tablet. She jumps on my knee when I get the nail clippers out and basically I can do more or less anything with her.

When taking photos of my old cat Mogs who's now died I was ignoring Amber and when I turned around she was just there so I snapped her. I was shocked when I saw the grumpy, narky cat on the photo. I mean thats not MY Amber.....

However I showed the picture to my friend Helen who runs the cattery where Amber (and Mogs) have stayed on many occasions and was amazed when she picked up the grumpy picture and said ok this is Amber but who's the other cat!!

It so makes me laugh to look at that grump little face and know that the cat I see daily is the purry furry cuddle kitten version


Shoshi said...

Hi Tab, it's lovely to visit your blog! Amber is soooo gorgeous! I love hearing about her and her antics. Looking forward to exploring your blog and seeing what else you've been up to!


Kitty said...

Ohhh another cute kitty!!!! :-) x