Saturday, 13 September 2008


Wow Im in awe!! My friend Fran has just won a bronze medal at the paralympics!!!!
Im so pleased for her and cant wait to see how how she does in her next race.
Im just loving the paralympics its so inspiring. These wonderful people who've battled against disability for these achievements is absolutely amazing.
Im not impressed with the judges though who keep taking medals from people after they've been given. Shelly Woods was so wrong but seeing Dave Weir today is heartbreaking. Ive been cheering him on (silently so as not to disturb the neighbours) after watching him try so hard and even though he beat his personal best just not quite be there. To see he got gold today and now someone is complaining about the lane they were in is beyond belief. I feel so sorry for him having to race again when he has other races to do anyway. That combined with the fact he had glandular fever before the games and hasnt recovered yet is just so unfair.
I think that has hit home because Im disabled after getting ME after never recovering from glandular fever and I dont think I could walk around the track never mind race!
Huge congratulations to all the paralympic athletes and their teams

Edited to add

Another huge well done to Fran who got a silver in her second race. Way to go hun!!!
The update on David Weir is that his gold was allowed and he went on to win another gold which is brilliant.

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craftyclaire said...

I greatly admire those who have battled to get to the olympics but it is even more of a struggle for most of the paralymians, I know I couldn't do what they do.
I have added a link to your blog from mine and would like it if you would take a look, if you want me to remove it just leave a comment on my blog.