Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Midweek meanderings

Today Ive been to my weight loss class and found I stayed the same. Im quite happy about that really as I know I strayed this week. It means though Ive now lost 16lb in thats less than 1lb a month. BUT and heres the big thing I put on the weight over 8 years of being ill. So 8yrs of ready meals and no exercise meant a weight gain of 6 stone. Losing 1 of them over 1yr still means its going off quicker than it went on doesnt it? Plus of course as my health improves my ability to cook for myself has improved, I can get out and about more and I gave up smoking so all in all even being over weight Ive got to be 'healthier' lol.
The main problem of course of being able to afford to eat 'healthy' I try very hard with my cooking to make sure Im getting my five a day and all that 'bad' food does tend to be cheaper.
So while shopping today I treated myself to a lottery ticket for friday. I know its a waste of money but the chance to dream is wonderful. I cant even imagine the 92 million or what ever it is at the moment but if I won silly money I would be able to help friends who are ill and struggling financially like I am. If Im honest I would be thrilled if I won anything. A fantastic amount would be £1000. Then I could not have to worry about getting my car serviced, mot'd etc. I could get a digital recorder for when we lose the TV signal, I could buy clothes from a real shop not a charity shop and of course I could treat myself to some crafty stuff.
In the real world though although Im short of money and having to budget and account for everything. In fact I spent most of yesterday afternoon writing budgets so I know how much money I have this month. But I can cope with being 'poor' because at least Im not in debt. I dont actually owe anyone anything. Of course if something happened like my car going kaput Id have a problem, but problems means parents dont they?

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Christine (Craftling) said...

Congrats on the weight loss, Tab! As a confirmed carb addict and fattie, I know how hard it is to lose weight, so well done you.

Chris xx