Saturday, 16 August 2008

ME and Cards

Today I have a nice 'free' day so I thought Card making!! I can get ahead for the birthday list and generally have fun. Instead my ME has decided to make its complaint against my actions yesterday known. Now yesterday I know I did too much and I know I should have stopped rather than cleaning all the windows but I didn't so now I hurt. Fair enough I thought its my own silly fault I didn't do the pacing like I should but as least card making isn't too physically challenging.
So I sit down and card number 1 isn't even fit to be shown. Card number 2 which is the bottom card above (that really doesn't sound right) started off OK but once Id got the back ground and top organised I had no idea where to go next so ended up walking around all my card stuff trying to find 'something' to finish it off. Eventually I decided on one of the vellum quotes I never know what to do with.
Card 3 which is the top card was done from a card sketch on a card making forum but still doesn't feel quite 'right' so Ive packed up until tomorrow.
So do I spend the rest of the day blog hopping or reading craft mags.......bliss :-)


Shakespere said...

Hi. I enjoyed your blog. It is very interesting.

jude said...

Love your blogg and have pinched your lovely pussy cat!good luck with blogging

Becky Stewart said...

gorgeous cards - I loved the one with a quote