Sunday, 31 August 2008

Class projects

Yesterday I went to my first ever 'class'. I had no idea what to expect and had a really good time.

This is what I made

We were using templates from I found them really good as Im not 'artistic' and cant draw at all so doodling has never been something I tried. Using the templates to do a basic outline that I could then fill in was a great help

This is todays play


bubblegum said...

Hi Tab thanks for your sweet comment on my stamps - you are a sweetie. :) :)

Your projects are fabulous and look beautiful...I love doodling and faux stitching etc, which is why I designed some stamps, that way they could be embossed too. :) :)

I am just about to put another Seemore card on my blog, lol...I love this stamp - think I will be using it a lot myself. :)


jude said...

WOW...havent you been busy in your class .Weldone you love the cards.

Sarn loves choc said...

The cards are fab Tab.