Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A New Me

Or that's the plan.
As I might have mentioned occasionally I have ME and I'm sick of having ME so when I heard about a cure I thought why not. Well there were a lot of reasons why not ranging from not believing they could cure what the nhs call an incurable illness, to the costs involved. Anyway I went to a talk about the treatment and it made a lot of sense so I'm now doing the 90 day program from the Optimum Health clinic (http://www.theoptimumhealthclinic.com/)

I did a weekend course that explained everything and now I'm on a self learning part. I'm finding it hard work but I'm enjoying the results.

Its very hard to explain whats going on but basically its based on the fact that after long term illness the brain and body get into a kind of routine. If you have pain then the brain starts thinking oh no I had this before and it went on and on and it took ages to go away and then I had a relapse etc etc after all that the body says OMG I feel cr*p and you have a relapse. Obviously that's very simplified but the idea is to break the chain. Its using treatments from various therapies like the lightening process and eft to break the habits and allow the brain to relax and the body to heal.
It also involves a lot of recognising thoughts and emotions which I find quite hard. You know I feel ok I don't feel sad or angry or ecstatic I just feel normal.....is that ok to feel normal, calm happyish or does that mean I'm not in touch with my feelings?? Its hard!
I have to say I never the eft (http://www.emofree.com/) would work but again for some strange reason it does. Ok I feel like an idiot sitting there tapping various places but it does help.

One of the other things I was told is to basically stop dieting, stop counting points or calories. Just for the 90 days involved in the intense course to allow myself to concentrate on learning the techniques I need to cure myself. That made me panic (using the 'stops' from the lightening process helped) but thinking about it I guess they're right. I'm more intrigued about how using these tools will allow my body to reach and maintain its natural weight but hey Ive nothing to lose right?
Again it does make sense. When you feel hunger are you actually hungry as in tummy rumbling hungry or are you emotionally hungry or is it the shaking sweating over done it need sugar hunger. They are all different but recognising the difference and working out what I need at that particular time is going to be interesting.

The course suggests that you do a lot of yoga, relaxation, meditation kind of work to allow yourself to know how you feel which is something Ive tried and found it helped but for some reason never continued with. It also says that everyday you should do something that brings you joy and makes you happy. Isn't that a nice thought?

Anyway enough rambling for now. Hopefully as time goes by I will be able to read back posts from now and from before now and see how things have changed.

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Sarn loves choc said...

WOW Tab . . . good for you hon. I really hope the system works for you and that you start to feel better soon. Wouldn't it be great?