Thursday, 23 May 2013


Wow hasnt it been a long time since I said anything? I wont say anything worth while as thats not really my thing its more a total ramble and waffle rubbish which could be why most family dont know about this blog. I can say what I feel and not upset them. That of course is assuming my privacy settings are right........If they arent very sorry lol

Its been a rough time recently for no reason apart from the benfits and government aspect. All I want is to get better and get back to work but they keep changing things and I end up getting really down and depressed.

Last year I was told I was swapping from Incapacity Benefit (IB) to Employment Support Allowance (ESA) I filled the form in and got called for a medical where I saw someone from Atos who really didnt seem to understand my conditions. For example she asked if I could touch my toes and my reply was of course I can Im hypermobile the reply to that was youre what?
Anyway after getting no points on the medical I was put on emergency ESA at basic rate whilst I appealed. I filled in forms and sent them off only for the DWP to lose them.
At that point I had no idea what money was going into my bank or how much rent and council tax I owed.

It took a few phone calls to get sorted out in april from december and I was sent another ESA50 form to start again. I filled that in and went for the medical and Im waiting for an answer

In that time I had a bad depression episode and had trouble keeping up with birthday cards never mind fun stuff.

Hopefully now Im on the up. Its spring (a bit late I know) there may be sun in the sky and Im feeling like making cards again if only my imagination or whatever the word is would co-operate.

Oh the other stuff in life I seem to be collecting medical conditions which isnt good but Ambercat is ok and keeping me amused. My parents have adopted a dog Lad who is a total soppy sweetie and Im hoping life is improving..

I went on a craft retreat which was brave for me as I dont cope well with strangers but I had a good time and coped without disolving into tears which is rare for me. I even made a few things which I will hopefully add to this long, rambling, waffling drivel ( that doesnt look right drivvell driv ah well whatever lol)

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