Saturday, 2 June 2012

Another challenge

The top two pictures were a scrapbook page challenge sketch. I got a scrapbook kit for my birthday 3 yrs ago and this challenge made me actually use some papers. I couldnt decide which photo to use so I did two pages but really enjoyed the challenge and plan to make more scrapbook pages in the future 

The bottom card is for a card sketch challenge which included the instructions of no embellishments. I decided to use such blingy card that embellishing it would be over the top so in a way cheated but in another way didnt.
The top card was made for my brothers birthday but that was before I didnt the bottom card and now Im really torn. I love the simplicity of the top card but worry its too simple. I love the colours of the bottom card but worry its too blingy.

Hmm better decide although I have a few days as the post office wont be open thanks to the bank holiday!

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Hi - thanks for the lovely compliment on my blog - my alterego is Helen Angel-Cullum xxx