Sunday, 19 October 2008

Weight Whinges

I'm really struggling with my weight loss at the moment. I mean I haven't actually put on weight but feel as though its a 'yet' rather than anything else and that this week could be the gaining time.
Its silly because I know the cause I just don't seem to able to get my brain in order so I thought Id write it down and see if that helps...
The last couple of weeks have been rough ME and health wise so I haven't done any exercise which is a big factor. In not exactly a big exerciser because of the ME but I had got myself to the point where I could go swimming and sit in the Jacuzzi or just potter about but when I'm ill I just don't feel well enough so spend too long being still. On top of that I had to have a fasting blood test for diabetes and cholesterol. Apparently a test in 2003 is now classed as abnormal so its needs checking. Although I'm telling myself the chances of me having diabetes are slight and that most of my symptoms point to low blood sugar not high for some reason all I have wanted this week is chocolate! I know its just in case I am diabetic and have to change my diet but that is such a poor excuse. I mean I'm doing Weight Watchers for goodness sake so Ive already changed my diet!
I just need some motivation to get this diet back on track so I can stop moaning lol

OK update......
I got the results of my blood test and I am NOT diabetic!! I also had a cholesterol test which showed my cholesterol has actually gone down in the last few years so all in all a very good result.

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