Saturday, 12 July 2008

Welcome to my blog. I couldnt decide if I should blog my illness, crafting or just life in general so its all 3 as none are the whole of my life but all are part of my life.
So starting with the illness part have ME and have been ill since 1999. I am slowly improving but sometimes its hard to see the improvement unless I sit down and think about being ill and I dont do that much as its not much fun.
Secondly crafting. I make cards, have done a scrapbook and would like to do another sometime, I do counted thread embroidery, I do beading, Ive made a patchwork bag, Im sure you can see where Im going with this. Basically I tend to enjoy most crafts and love to learn new things.
Last but obviously not least life in general. Well that involves the usual things like living with 2 cats, trying to lose weight, having no money, etc etc
So my blog.......... well lets just say

Welcome to the ramblings!!!


Sarn loves choc said...

Welcome to Blogland - hope you enjoy it.

Clare said...

Welcome to blogging world Tab. I'll keep checking back to see you :o) xxx